Because we believe that ideas unfold and develop best when shared, we created a global network to provide a palette of services and knowledge exchange, interlinking the various disciplines to envision the big picture of any upstyle hospitality environment.



From Paris to Macau, Marrakech, Las Vegas and Dubai: We are continuously supporting luxury hotels all around the globe.



Our professional experience stretches from 30-metre yachts to river cruise ships to the largest private yacht in the world.



Exceptional service at exceptional locations, no matter if it is a skiing resort in the Alps, an island in the Caribbean or a lodge in Africa.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Concept Development


It's developing a unique product and making the guest experience your USP.



The most exciting and complex part of any hospitality business is the definition or refinement of its concept. We provide professional support during all stages of conception, including market research, comprehensive analysis and business plan consultation. Thanks to our network, staff trainings will be conducted in accordance with defined values, ensuring the concept is translated into daily operation.


Solid project management and implementation of pace-setting standards.



From an initial concept to the opening it is a marathon, not a sprint. Focussing on the common goal, we liaise with all stakeholders to map the path to a successful product. We not only provide consulting services, but also project management from the tendering stage up to the completion of construction or refurbishment and through soft-opening, supporting the pre-opening team during onboarding and along the journey.

RVS Hotel Consultants - Pre-Opening
RVS Hotel Consultants - Operations Management


Enabling the overall operation to raise to new levels.



Every operation requires constant re-evaluation and development. Along with regular updates on standards and the latest global trends for any superior GX cycle we provide staff trainings and our network of partners for an efficient realization of SOPs and quality assurance. We also assist with creating new guest experience products and by optimizing reviews and marketing.

The universe is change; our life is what our thoughts make it.

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