Online marketing and its importance in today's hospitality industry does not need any introduction. Yet the question often remains, how it can be optimized to get the most at a low cost. The answer is not always a tool or platform. We trust in an effective booking generating process that we call

The Guest Journal 4.0.




Pen-written thank-you notes were the 1.0 version of nowadays online review platforms, the guest book 2.0.

Linking public feedback to internally kept guest profiles marked the next advantage of technological progress.

Now we are introducing The Guest Journal 4.0 where pro-active on-site quality management meets guest experience marketing meets booking boosting conversion. These components are explained below.

Promote your guests to ambassadors for your hotel and generate bookings by guiding the experience and social media activities!




Combining the "know your guest" spirit with quality management creates the foundation for successful guidance of your guests' social media activities and reviews. We deliver the QM process, tools and necessary trainings, one-stop.

RVS Hotel Marketing - Quality Management
RVS Hotel Marketing - Reviews




With a clear PR concept in place, the right journalists and opinion leaders at hand and with your guests' positive experience you can now guide that one great marketing tool that was known to be uncontrollable for the longest time: the modern word-of-mouth advertising, your online reviews.


Discover the Iconic Santorini Hotel's remarkable guest ratings and the exposure it received through a broad coverage in online and print media all over the world, including Condé Nast Traveler, Architectural Digest, Vogue, GQ and The Sunday Times Travel.

Additionally, take a glimpse at the hotel's Facebook and Instagram page.

The hotel as well as its marketing activites are managed by members of our network.

RVS Hotel Marketing - Iconic Santorini

Iconic Santorini

A boutique cave hotel


Rooms: 19


Tripadvisor rating: 5,0 / 5,0

Booking.com rating: 9,5 / 10,0


Facebook followers: 51,000+

Instagram followers: 31,000+


Awards and Nominations:

  • 2018 Traveller's Choice Award for Small Hotels, Romance and Service by TripAdvisor
  • Winner of Greece's Leading Boutique Hotel in 2017 at the World Travel Awards
  • Winner of Greece's Leading Boutique Hotel in 2016 at the World Travel Awards
  • 2016 Traveller's Choice Award for Small Hotels and Service by TripAdvisor
  • Top 10 Best Boutique Hotels in Santorini 2016 - The Telegraph
  • Top 10 Sexiest Bedroom in the World for 2015 - Smith Awards
  • Winner of Greece's Leading Boutique Hotel in 2015 at the World Travel Awards
  • Featured in the Conde Nast Hot List for 2015 under Design Stars
  • 2015 Traveller's Choice Award for Small Hotels by TripAdvisor
  • Winner of Greece's Leading Boutique Hotel in 2014 at the World Travel Awards
  • Top 10 Best Newcomers for 2014 - Smith Awards
  • Nominated for Greece's Leading Boutique Hotel in 2013 by the World Travel Awards
  • One of the 25 Best New Hotels for 2014 by The Times UK
  • 101 Best Hotels in the World for 2014 - Tatler Magazine

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