About Us


We create luxury hospitality by providing the finest of tailored consulting for hoteliers worldwide. 

RVS Hotel Consultants - Concept Development

The award-winning hospitality consultancy

that creates the world’s next luxury hotel brands.

Founded in 2015 by Emanuel Schreiner with the vision to create and shape upmarket hospitality products by uniting the top consultants of the luxury hospitality world, RVS Hotel Consulting continues to provide industry knowledge and trend-setting advice to hotel owners and operators worldwide.

The hospitality consultants at RVS - recently named ‘Hospitality Consultants of the Year 2020’ - are essential in creating luxurious hospitality brands, as well as hospitality projects as part of the customer experience diversification for lifestyle brands outside the hotel industry. We complement the work of design and marketing agencies by including the individual value philosophy, service culture and destination esprit, designing and implementing the ultimate guest experience for the hospitality product.

All RVS hospitality consultants have a strong background in distinguished hotel operations: from renowned ski resorts, city hotels and ultra-luxury island resorts to the world's most esteemed cruise lines, private luxury ships, residential properties or wellness operations. These strong and diverse experiences paired with a deep knowledge of the global tourism market and the individual cultures of the sophisticated travelers make RVS a high-caliber partner in luxury hospitality.

Acting as strategic partner, RVS looks at the long-term success of upmarket hospitality businesses, establishing longstanding client relationships, continuously contributing to up-to-date guest experiences.

For each project a consulting team is composed individually, matching our clients' original ideas and requirements; to create an exhaustive brand concept with a unique story; and to design an unparalleled guest experience. 

To broaden our minds and implement best practices in our processes and projects, we are constantly studying the work and techniques of various industry leaders, from airlines and animation studios to industrial designers and artisans.

While largely universal, every country and culture has its own unique expectations as to how to provide a friendl, welcoming and generous treatment of visitors, which is the essence of hospitality.

Michael D. Johnson